“Oh sure, breast cancer, why not?”

So why am I making this project? One in eight Australian women will develop Breast Cancer1Cancer Council Australia. Wow, this information makes you pause to think. However a gentle reminder that this is by age 85 puts the statistic in better perspective.   But this... read more

MRI guided biopsy

The MRI is fine, I’ve had several. Unless you have restless leg syndrome, a cold or something that makes you cough/sneeze or move involuntarily then there really is only one job. Stay still. Lying on your front in the “superman” pose, with arms above your head is... read more

The stress from the last 2 days has lost its sting

There have been a few ultra-stressful times this year, but one of the worst was trying to assess whether or not to commit to having a double mastectomy based on all the information I have gathered from the breast care nurse, breast surgeon (who will remove the breast... read more

Call from the Risk Management Clinic

I was dropping off boys at school when I got a call this morning (even before 9am) from the Risk management clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Walking to class with the phone at one ear and a finger in the other I could only just make out what was being said over... read more

A message from Dyna Eldaief

My name is Dyna Eldaief and I am considered high risk for breast cancer due to family history. While at University I heard about Mammograms being available free for women over 50.  One day I decided to ask my mother if she ever had a mammogram and after she said she... read more

What is A Stitch In Time Project?

Women’s journeys towards breast cancer prevention Through courageous personal stories A Stitch in Time will reveal women’s journeys towards breast cancer prevention.  As they navigate the prevention pathways and demonstrate the options available to women... read more

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